‘The Layer’ – Sex Blanket Review

As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone has to sleep in the wet spot. I’m not sure who “they” are, but they’re not wrong. To see how large a wet spot you can create or summon out of someone else is fun in the moment, but sleeping in the mess is cold, gross, and just downright uncomfortable (and I haven’t even mentioned the necessity for laundry and the ruining of mattresses). If you’ve ever had the misfortune of sleeping in the wet spot – this one is for you.

I’m here to introduce you to the blanket you wish you had since the very first time you made a complete mess in bed: The Layer.

As a sexually liberated and proud vagina owner, wet spots are not unlike a badge of honor. To untangle from a lover(s), climb off the bed, and admire the marking of territory left behind is a talking point that beautifully ends the great session you just shared.

What comes after is not nearly as entertaining: deciding who is going to sleep in the wet spot. Fear not, The Layer’s got you! Its organic cotton fleece side soaks up all the mess, while the waterproof underside prevents it from getting on the bed (or couch, or floor, or backseat of the car, or wherever you’re getting busy). Whether it’s bodily fluids or other messes like whipped cream or chocolate sauce, it protects against it all. Originally created to be used for period sex, even blood is no match for The Layer.

The Layer is portable and folds up easily after play to be thrown in the washing machine, just like that. It’s 40 inches in diameter so it can easily be taken on the go in an overnight bag, stored in the glove compartment or your nightstand.

Aside from the easy cleanup, I think the best thing about The Layer is the peace of mind it brings. To think you can just throw it down and get to business without worry is such a great feeling, and really allows you to be in the moment instead of thinking about ruining the furniture.

Testing The Layer

The first time I used The Layer was during solo play: lots and lots of yummy lube as I got to know a new toy. To have the security that I knew I wouldn’t be ruining my new sheets with the lube or my own fluids allowed me to feel comfortable getting that much crazier, and let me tell you, things got wild. I don’t know how many times I came, but afterward, I picked up The Layer, and to my delight, the bed underneath me was spotless.

Next, I tried The Layer with a partner, gently laying down the blanket before we even got in bed. He hardly noticed it, but what he did notice was how uninhibited I became and it made him even more hungry for me. For me, it felt like we were working together to create the biggest mess possible and when we were finished, the look on his face as he watched me fold up The Layer to reveal a dry bed underneath colored his face with shock.

“Wait, what is that?” he asked me.

“It’s an absorbent sex blanket,” I told him. “It’s called The Layer.”

He touched the bed where I was previously laying, right where he expected the wet spot to be. “Holy shit. Put it back down, let’s go again.”

And so we did (with him having no idea how much he was helping me to write this review…mwahaha).

After two sessions and lots of fluids, the bed underneath was still dry. It’s hard to tell exactly how much liquid The Layer was able to absorb, but let’s just say I have soaked through the mattress and gotten the boxspring wet before… As they *also* say, once the floodgates open, boy do they OPEN.

The third time I used the layer went a bit differently. Silly me got swept away in the throes of passion and didn’t have a chance to throw down The Layer before we started playing. It happens. I had to change the sheet the next day, but I simply put the blanket on top of the wet spot and slept comfortably without having to worry about a towel or other blanket absorbing the wet spot as I slept. Problem (almost) solved :)

The Layer for me has become as necessary as condoms, and I bring it with me and have it ready whenever there is a chance I might get busy. The ease of use, comfortability, and peace of mind make The Layer a huge enhancement for partner and solo play alike. Throw it down so you can throw it doooown ;)

Get The Layer here: https://getthelayer.com/

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