The Greatest Hour on the Internet

I put on David August Boiler Room Berlin Live Set and get to work. It’s an amazing, sophisticated electronic set with the greatest bass. I listen to it when I’m at the gym. I play the video of it on the side of whatever I’m doing when I’m at home working on my computer; I play it on the side when I’m writing. I use it to time an hour of productivity. When it’s on, I grind. Amazing body of work. It gets right into my soul. And makes me so happy.

This is everything.

It’s this set that my unborn child is going to know how much joy it brings me from the inside when I play it when I’m pregnant.

To be obsessed with that set from 2014 and then, as if the real story to the prequel I have been obsessed with has finally taken center stage, to hear the recording of him live at the MELT Festival ARTE Concert from this year? That first time is better than sex. If you question it, do it in that order and see for yourself.

The video appears to be un-embeddable from youtube, so here’s the link:

You have to listen to it twice, and it’s even better the second time. I promise.

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