Rose Quartz ‘Curvy-G’ Wand by Goddess Wands – Review

Let’s get some honesty on the table upfront, shall we? Full disclosure: I’ve never been into stones or crystals; I’ve never been pulled toward or interested in them. I consider myself a spiritual person, even believing in energies (to an extent), but I have always been skeptical about objects and their “healing powers.” When it comes to the word healing, I tend to lean toward science and away from the mythic. That being said, to think of using a crystal dildo was never really something that crossed my mind.

But as I do with everything new I try, once I decided to give a crystal dildo a chance, I wanted to really lean into the experience and the possibilities in an attempt to get the most out of it. Hey if something works, it works, amirite? After all, if for nothing else, it’s a beautifully shaped dildo sure to bring pleasure. Well, after the first experience I had with this wand, you can go ahead and color me a believer.


The first thing I did when I received my wand was research the type of crystal I had in my possession and was going to use as a sex toy: rose quartz. I knew that the crystal is popular as the stone of universal love, but I needed more. Naturally, I took to the internet and soon came across this video that I think is just stunning:

Rose Quartz is a hard, pale to vivid pink, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms formed from hot magma cooling in rocks on the Earth’s surface. Pink being my favorite color, I was already a fan. Additionally, the rose quartz naturally looks like a vulva – super fan ;)

When I looked at the crystal in its more natural state, I saw it as a beautiful, naturally occurring part of our planet; one of Earth’s treasures for us to find, a gift from Mother Nature. When I took a moment to really see the crystal for what it is, surprisingly, I found myself being able to begin to connect with it. The clichés I had heard about crystals vanished and I was able to invite the energy of the Earth into my space and psyche.

I took my time preparing mentally for this toy; I was going through a stressful period when I first got it and felt compelled to wait until I was ready to let go and to receive, which I wasn’t at first. During this waiting time, along with my own healing, I followed some of the energetic cleansing practices offered in the Care and Use Manual that came with the toy – if I was going to commit to getting the most out of this wand, I was going all in.

I started with a salt bath for my wand, followed by an overnight sleepover with the moon. Since I was a little girl I have always been curious about the night sky and I felt like allowing my crystal to lay under it was me energetically returning my crystal back to the Earth to absorb the natural energies of the Universe. I thought to myself, “If I can take this beautiful stone that came from the Earth, bathe it in moonlight under the stars for the night, and then put it inside the very center of my own universe, where life is created, why would I not want to do that?” At this point, it was clear I was all in. I set my intention of “Love, Abundance, [and] Healing” chanting those three words repeatedly around my room as I burned palo santo. I was ready.

My Experience

When it was finally time to experience my wand, I lit some candles and turned off the lights, only leaving on the string lights that line the edges of my ceiling. It was important for me to set the mood before I began because I had a feeling I was in for a different kind of orgasm experience; I was manifesting that shit.

On my bed, I laid down comfortably on my back and put on the Womb Healing Meditation from the Goddess Wands website, intended to clear and bless the yoni and womb. This calming, guided meditation before masturbation was something I had never tried before. I didn’t set out to masturbate because I wanted to cum or because I was horny; I wanted to and intended to use the wand as part of a healing and love practice. This never felt like just another sex toy, but an intentional and conscious experience through masturbation with this connection to the Earth. It was about so much more than just getting off.

“[It was] a beautiful ebb and flow of love and magic.”

As my orgasm was building, it felt like I was exchanging magic with this crystal. I was giving to it and it was giving to me, each our individual energy; a beautiful ebb and flow of love and magic. With the energy swirling and the bulbed end of the smooth crystal hitting my G-spot, it was one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. The entire experience was just next level. Between the meditation and the repeated thought that I had a love-charged rock inside me, I truly felt like there was an energy shift within myself and it literally moved me to tears. To be penetrated by the Earth is definitely an experience I encourage any and everyone to have! It was an intimate self-love ritual that I will absolutely be adding to my self-care practice often.

As for the healing properties, I am reminded that when it comes to energy, it often works if you want it to and that the experience is really what you make it. I thought if I honored the crystal with the intention of having a healing experience, that is what I would have, and did have. The moonlight and salt bath was just a fun way to return the rock to its natural habitat.

Additional benefits of crystal sex toys:

  • can be used with any kind of lube
  • they are fully waterproof (shower play anyone?)
  • no batteries or chargers needed
  • if taken care of they can last a lifetime
  • they can be used for sensory play by warming up or cooling down the crystal

Next time I will absolutely be playing with different temperatures ;)

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