Lora DiCarlo ‘BACI’ Clitoral Massager – Review

Have you ever had someone go down on you and it feels like their tongue is in every single cell of your body? Well, that’s exactly what the Baci by Lora DiCarlo feels like. Any. Time. You. Want. It.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve tried clitoral sucking toys before and I’m sad to admit that I’ve never been too impressed; the feeling is just not for everyone. The Baci, however, felt different right out of the box. Not only is the packaging unique in the way it opens, but the toy itself just feels different.

Unlike other sucking toys, the Baci is not a phallic toy but instead fits in the palm of your hand. It has some weight to it which enhances the grip of it, and its full-coverage design is made to ergonomically fit against the vulva.

Because I’m extra, and I do everything extra, I decided to try this toy on the highest vibration setting for my first time. The Baci has 10 intensity levels, so you can only imagine what jumping to the highest one on the first go was like.

For me, the highest setting brought upon an orgasm that was so sudden I was almost unable to enjoy it. It happened so quickly and so forcefully that it forced me to make a choice: carry on and succumb to the orgasm or move the toy away from my body. Although my initial thought was to allow my orgasm to build as I normally would, it was a split-second decision and obviously I went for the orgasm (duh). Later, I decided to use the toy like a normal person might and really enjoy the buildup as I would with oral sex; backward perhaps, but sometimes you just want to do things differently ;)

roller coaster rugrats GIF

An orgasm with the Baci is like the feeling when you get strapped into a roller coaster and the ride takes off and you know there’s no turning back so you hold on for dear life and you get thrown around and it’s exhilarating and your adrenaline is pumping and then when it’s over and you can breathe again you look at your friends (although it’s you’re Baci) and you say to them, “Holy shit that was fun, let’s do it again.” And then you go again, and again, and again.

The Baci is the kind of toy that makes me think, if anyone has ever had trouble having an orgasm, they need to try this toy. It made me realize that an orgasm that might be a little too powerful to one person (such as the one that I had when I put this toy on the highest speed), someone else might go crazy for; it might be just what someone else’s vulva has unknowingly been searching for their whole life ;) I can only report my own findings and how something affects my own body, but if you want an orgasm that is entirely overwhelming and has you saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!” as you submit to and let go into blissful orgasmic heaven, this is the toy for you.

The Baci uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth, and the full coverage stimulates even the innermost parts of the clitoris, above and below the surface. It is designed to lay flat against the vulva to vibrate everywhere you need it, providing two types of stimulation, both sucking and thrumming.

Not needing to be inserted during play, the Baci is perfect for use both on and off your period. It’s waterproof, which means bathtime playtime, but for me, just a few drops of water-based lube applied directly onto my vulva before use really amped up the orgasms and sent me into another dimension (do not use oil or silicone-based lubes as they can damage the device). It comes with a little carrying pouch to keep it clean when not in use, or for discretion when taking it on the go, and it uses a magnetic charge point with a USB charging cable so it can be safely used anywhere in the world with a USB wall charger.

Although there are no vibration patterns with this toy, one of my only qualms, The Baci truly provides the kind of orgasms I have never felt any other way and the kind of orgasms I have never experienced ever in my life. Trust me, you want this toy.

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