Bull & Bunny Podcast Ep.45 Exposing Myself Ft. Peekaboo Collins x IG Live

This past week I got together with Aidian and Carmen of the Bull & Bunny Podcast and got double-teamed for my podcast debut and exposed the shit outta myself!!! (You know when you can’t think of a word and the word you use instead just sounds so sexual but also so perfect? Yeah, “exposed” was the result of that and I’m not even mad at it).

In this episode, we talk writing erotica, polyamorous relationships, who Peekaboo really is, and how not to slide in my DMs, plus, I read an excerpt from my book Monogamy With Treats Vol. 1 for the first time outside my own head.

Check it all out and more on Episode 45: Exposing Myself Ft. Peekaboo Collins on the Bull & Bunny Podcast here and make sure to subscribe: https://bullandbunnypodcast.libsyn.com/ep45-exposing-myself-ft-peekaboo-collins

Also, a few days later I hopped on IG Live with The Bull and The Bunny to talk the future of my Monogamy With Treats series, first-time strip club etiquette and our experiences with IRL and virtual sex parties. Also, I may have compared tipping strippers to giving an offering at church – lawd have mercy. Check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAoWbLrC8tS/

Love y’all,


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